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Our mission of the Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center (GPCCC) is to promote cultural understanding for all citizens of the Greater Philadelphia Area dynamically.


Guang Hua Chinese Association (GHCA), founded in 2004, is one of the largest Chinese language and cultural organizations in USA . Under this association, the Guanghua Chinese School with over 800 students, has been providing excitements in the Professional Performing Arts and Chinese language classes to children, young adults, parents, and senior citizens. GHCA is a registered, non-profit organization, managed by a volunteering Board of Directors and a management team.


GPCCC is a newly established organization providing educational, social, cultural and fitness programs to the community . The goal of GPCCC is to administer a forum and platform for people to exhibit and experience the rich traditions of Chinese culture. Providing various year-long programs, it will help our local community to appreciate the essence of Chinese heritage and language. As our community gradually becomes more global, all activities will help to achieve cohesive neighborhoods. We hope that you will be able to take part in many of our exciting programs offered at GPCCC.



                                                                                  主任: 张向红

                                                                              副主任: 沈  桓、张中琪、栾维芹                                                   

                                                                                  委员:丛姝娟、李   蓓


                                                                            Director: Shauna (Xianghong) Zhang

Vice Directors: Henry Shen

                               Jason Zhang

                              Weiqin Luan
    Member: Susan Cong, Bei Li

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