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2023年2月3日,大费城华人文化中心举办了第四届Breakfast Social annual event, 参加者来自校区,法务届,政界,和各个族裔的领袖五十余人,包括PA Senator Maria Collett, PA Representative Bradford, PA Representative Malagari, Ambler Mayor Sorg, Montgomery County Commissioner Chair Lawrence, Judge Duffy, Judge Leonard,以及周边school district board, 各族裔和社团领袖等特邀嘉宾,活动非常成功。新近人口普查结果,我们华人总数在蒙哥马亚郡亚裔族裔中位居第二,在未来发展中将会越来越被重视,大费城华人文化中心将继续做好桥梁和窗口作用,推动族群的融合。

On February 3, 2023, Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center held the 4th Annual Breakfast Social event. More than 50 people from the school district, legal circles, political circles, and leaders of various ethnic groups participated. Including PA Senator Maria Collett, PA Bradford Congressman, Pennsylvania Representative Malagari, Mayor Ambler Sorg, Chairman Lawrence, Mayor of Montgomery County, Judge Duffy, Judge Leonard, as well as special guests from the surrounding school district committees, leaders of various ethnic groups and communities, etc., the event was a complete success. According to the latest census results, the total number of our Chinese ranks second among the Asian ethnic groups in Montgomery County, and we will receive more and more attention in the future development. Greater Philadelphia Chinese Cultural Center will continue to serve as a bridge and window to promote national integration.

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